Body massage is the best way for men to relax

Body massage is known to people under different names. In some countries it is called «body to body», while in others it is understood as Thai. But, in most cases, all these names are summed up by the only true comparison — erotic (the word intimate is also used) massage. Such massage is available in the «Imperia» salon erotic.

Body massage is the best way for men to relax
Body massage is the best way for men to relax

In any country and by any name, this type of procedure is designed to help men find inspiration, feel relaxation after a hard day, and improve their health. The main condition for its high-quality implementation is the provision of what you want to your partner, not forgetting about yourself. Professionals in this lesson argue that with constant practice, you can achieve such skills that will cause an orgasm from seemingly ordinary touch.

The main condition for carrying out a body massage is considered to be mutual understanding and trust between the master and the client, the partner and the partner. If a married couple is involved in the process, then such movements will help them either discover new feelings or strengthen existing ones. In any case, they are getting closer together. That is why attention is focused on the erogenous zones, although, according to most visitors, some time after the start of the procedure, the whole body turns into such hypersensitive places.

Benefits of body massage

Although all the positive aspects have already been described, I would like to summarize once again all the advantages of this process:

A) Relax all the muscles on the body that are constrained during everyday life. It is believed that 30 minutes is enough to feel completely refreshed.

B) The release of accumulated sexual energy contributes to the release of certain impulses of the nervous system, which has a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person.

C) The massage therapist’s action is always directed to the deep layers of the skin. Subsequently, the blood accelerates, the likelihood of blood clots decreases, the appearance of the skin improves, and sometimes cases are known and weight decreases.

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Preparation for the procedure

To get the most out of the body massage process, it is recommended that you make a few simple preparations. First of all, a woman or masseuse will need to create a romantic or intimate atmosphere for the man in the room. All irritants of the outside world are removed from the eyes — bright light, mobile and landline phones. The atmosphere can be enhanced by scented candles, quiet relaxing and definitely enjoyable music.

If the massage is done by a wife or girlfriend, it is better to take off your clothes in a playful way. Otherwise, it is necessary to take care of its elimination in advance. How much to undress — everyone decides for himself. Aromatic oil or gel should be located close to the place where the massage will take place. It is also best to place a soft towel here. According to aromatherapists, orange and mint oils are the best combination. In any case, you can even use potent aphrodesiacs, but you should warn your partner about this in advance, because not everyone likes a particular scent.

Massage technique

There are quite a few body massage techniques. As mentioned above, everyone chooses something special, their own, those movements that can relax a partner and give him pleasure. Therefore, we will give an example of one of the techniques that can become your favorite.

The man is blindfolded. The partner, after placing him on the massage place, begins to very slowly and smoothly touch his body with hers. The first step is to influence the neutral zones of the body. According to experts, most people do not even know how pleasant it is to touch their shoulders and arms. Gradually, you need to prepare these places for the future massage.

After foreplay and warm-up, it is recommended to use aromatic oils. Their temperature should be slightly higher than body temperature, or at least slightly warm. Apply them generously, but do not overdo it so that the flow creates a puddle on the sheet or under the massage table. You need to start the movements from the back of your partner, gradually moving to the shoulders, buds and legs. In this process, it is necessary to give a feeling of relaxation to yourself and the man, but do not overdo it, because everyone can accidentally fall asleep.

If the process is delayed or the client starts tossing and turning, it is recommended to slightly speed up the rhythm and move on to more active actions. This acceleration occurs only for a short time, after which the old slow and smooth rhythm returns. In erotic massage, not only the palms of the hands are often used, but also the chest, abdomen and even the buttocks. The massage procedure takes quite a long time. It stops only when the partner begins to experience pleasure in its maximum allowable form. It is forbidden to immediately stop the movement; it is necessary to slowly slow down the pace, bringing the movement to a stop.

Any hand movements must be constantly replaced by various forms of caresses. For example, light tapping with the pads of your fingers helps you experience more pleasant moments than pinching, which leads to a state of activity and some degree of arousal. Some techniques allow even light biting during massage, as well as covering the body with light kisses.

According to professionals, every new touch should be unexpected for a partner. At such moments, when a person does not see, he begins to use the rest of the senses, one of which becomes touch. Such procedures require more than preparation. But also observations from the side of the performer. He is obliged to memorize the location of the most sensitive parts of the body and in the future use various methods of his excitement: feathers, massagers, and so on.

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